Echo Volumes 1-4

Okay, it’s been a long time, I’ll admit it, school’s definitely been a slap in the face when it comes to wanting my own free-time(how many of us haven’t left our seats for more than 5 hours?)
*I should start now-*

Summary(I pulled this from Amazon, it’s from book 1, but I found that it really encased a lot of books 2-4 as well):In the late 21st century, humanity left Earth due to multiple resource shortcomings aggravated by an acceleration in climate change. They settled Echo, a planet that was nearly a carbon copy of Earth except for being devoid of all but the most basic life forms. Fast forward 1200 years later. Echo has endured over a thousand years of dark age. Corporations and government merged early on, becoming the oppressive authority known as the Regime. Military and police merged into the Department of Enforcement, their only mission to crush the huge network of rebels known as the Dissidents. Over half the planet is covered by decaying cityscapes and the elite live high above, removed and remote from the greater populace on the moon-city of Ascension. Hope lies in one man, a former Enforcer named Atriya. But before he can break the cycle of darkness and ignorance on Echo, he has to do it within himself.

Through Echo, volumes 1-4, it’s been quite the journey, but as with series, I can’t seem to be able to do them all in one go, so this post will be broken down into parts.As a quick brief of the series, it’s a very sci-fi, mixed dystopian book(oh, and by the way, you’ll only find it on Amazon, links below!-I don’t do this very often, but I’m going to try doing this more for indie authors and maybe writers in general-) 

Echo Volume 1- Approaching Shatter:
This is like the prep for just about everything else to come. The best part? The detail in which everything is described in. Books get dry and hard to read when there’s no mental image when reading, but it’s almost like a sensory overload(ahaha, not that it’s bad). Crusader Atriya is your hard-working, stubborn, but incredibly likeable main character. Understandably, this book is like setting the stage and getting you caught up with all the recent events, the bulk of the action comes in the next few books.

Echo Volume 2- The Taste of Ashes:
Uhh, this entire book took place in one day… I didn’t even notice that the sun didn’t rise and set accordingly in the book because of all the action that was happening. While I do think that I have a decent memory when it comes to books, I do think that my mental image of this book has skipped around, very unlike the first book. Not that the second book was worse than the first, I just find that I disconnect from action scenes, but this happens often with most action-packed books.
So if you’re a person who loves action, gore, and a detailed but succinct book… I’ve got the book for you!

Echo Volume 3- The Dialectic of Agony + Echo Volume 4- The Last Edge of Darkness:
I swear I’m not being lazy, but because I downloaded all four books at the same time, I just read them in order and as if they were all just one large book. These two books are connected in a way that I’ve never felt from any other series book. Most are distinguishable because they either start off on an entirely different foot from where they left off, but the author(Kent, is it too late to introduce this amazing writer? nah, of course not) really allowed both books to flow together really well. Now, these two books really show just how much Atriya has changed(and is changing!), from the first book. Although a short period of time, I absolutely loved, when he was training. Atriya has a respectable amount of grit, but I think that what stuck with me the most was his eventually willingness and understanding of both himself and the world around him.
Books 3 and 4 have action, but seem to focus on the personal growth of Atriya, and it was the part that fascinated me the most(ahaha, typical of the psychology-geek in me).

My overall summary of this entire series is to read it either if you enjoy an action and sci-fi book, however, I’m the type of reader to stick through both the thick and thin of the book until the end. I understand that not everyone does that, so I think that this is the kind of book for those dystopia loving fans!

Here’s the disclaimer part since I’m done rambling:I would recommend that this be forΒ YAΒ range due to reasons that I label below.
As for triggers, again, swearing, suggestive language, the mention of drugs, suggestive acts(those involving the human body), gore, and violence(so sorry if I missed anything!).

*I don’t mean for any of this to change a view of a book, but I understand that triggers are important to label*
And one more thing while I’m in a productive mood, here’s Kent Wayne’s blog(the writer ofc), go check him out! 
M’kay, I’m done now (:

Happy reading!!
~Janelle πŸ’•

6 thoughts on “Echo Volumes 1-4

  1. I’m currently reading the books. I’ve finished the first two and am near the beginning of book 3. I wholly endorse what you say (so far, that is). I’m enjoying watching Atriya ‘s growth. That’s the good part, for me, although the action is exciting.
    I would say, rather than YA , it’s adult. The YA tag might put off some adults, but Adult won’t put off YA.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad that you agree and enjoy for book, action and sci-fi books are not my normal read, but it was fun to explore! 😊
      And I definitely toyed around with the YA or adult rating, and was very tempted to just type ‘adult’. But your reasoning is totally understandable, I’ll keep it in mind!


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